Coming in 2023

HUMANITY@WORK&LIFE: Global Diffusion of the Mondragon Cooperative Ecosystem Experience / Christina Clamp & Michael Peck (Editors)

HUMANITY@WORK&LIFE “shows, not tells” how Mondragon-inspired virtuous cycles transform “humanity at work” globally and locally. It will be a resource for those interested in developing worker cooperatives, as well as an introduction for those interested in sustaining local and global social economy practice on behalf of the greater common good.

Show Time! 3e / Elizabeth P. Tierney 

Updated to take account of the prevalence of online presentations, this third edition of the much-loved SHOW TIME! describes the key factors that make up a successful presentation. Advice is offered on overcoming barriers to communication; using relaxation techniques to handle your nerves; understanding your audience; recognizing the impact of non-verbal language;improving the physical aspects such as posture, voice and attire; structuring the talk for clarity and retention; using notes effectively; designing clear visuals and handouts; handling questions skilfully; and practising and planning beforehand.

Word Time! / Elizabeth P. Tierney 

A companion volume to the successful Show Time!, Word Time! focuses on the written word as a means of communication and offers advice to those who want to improve or refresh their writing skills.

Towards a Sustainable Further Education & Training Vision for Ireland / Stephen O’Brien, Fred Powell, Martin Galvin & Tim Rudd

This book combines interdisciplinary expertise from across the fields of Education, Social Policy and Civic & Community Engagement and sets out key philosophical and theoretical foundations in the field of adult education in support of SOLAS’ vision to create and sustain an exemplary Further Education and Training (FET) system that delivers quality education, particularly in the areas of learner access, participation, achievement and progression. The authors’ recommendations seek to build on recent developments – including the Adult Literacy for Life Strategy (SOLAS, 2021a); Ireland’s Roadmap for Social Inclusion 2020–2025; Ireland’s Sustainable Development Goals National Implementation Plan 2018– 2020 and related commitments to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030; the National Strategy on Education and Sustainable Development (ESD) 2014–2020; and the Joint Public Consultation on a National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development to 2030 – and ‘push the envelope’ further still.

Jonah: The official biography of Jonah Barrington / Ross Reyburn & Michael Emery

A re-issue of the 1972 classic biography of Jonah Barrington who, within only three years of focusing on competitive squash,  won the British Open squash championship in December 1966, the first of six over the following seven years.

The Book of Jonah / Jonah Barrington, with Clive Everton

A classic from 1983, which captures Jonah Barrington’s unique sporting story, now re-issued to ensure that the timeless message manifested in his achievements remains available to all current and future squash players.

2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Lyn Lee says:

    Hi, I’m desperately looking for a book titled “Being Irish” I believe published by you.
    My family in Canada with irish roots have asked me to get it for them.
    I really appreciate it you could help me.
    Thank you

  2. Nigel Barlow says:

    There’s a 2nd hand copy available on Amazon (uk and Germany)
    ISBN is 978-1860761768. It’s the only one. You could try or book depository – all Amazon companies.

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